Hypnosis CDs & MP3s to Quit Smoking
Stop smoking with self hypnosis


Have you tried to quit smoking on your own?  Are you quickly pushed back into smoking by stress, nagging thoughts, or overwhelming cravings?

What is happening is that your own subconscious mind is fighting your conscious efforts because it believes that smoking is good for you.  After all, wasn't it really great to do when you started?  

Since you began smoking, every time you lifted a cigarette to your lips it has triggered those same feelings of confidence and security associated with smoking when you first started.  The sheer repetition of the habit continually reinforces in the subconscious mind that all you need to do to receive those good feelings is to smoke a cigarette. 


Hypnosis can teach your subconscious what you already understand consciously:  

Cigarettes are not good for you and you no longer want them in your life! 

With hypnosis you can remove the effects that come from years of constant smoking.  You can give your inner mind a new source for those good feelings, a healthy source that adds to life instead of taking from it.  The subconscious accepts those suggestions easily.  When this is properly done you no longer feel a need for something outside yourself to feel good.  And you won’t replace the smoking habit with a habit of overeating.  There is no battle going on inside of you.   You simply don't think about cigarettes.  You are a nonsmoker!

It is also important to understand that hypnosis will benefit you only when you have the proper motivation.

You no longer want cigarettes in your life

Giving up Smoking is never easy. One part of you really wants to continue but that other silent voice keeps telling you how bad it is for you. Yes, you want to give up but you need more than will power. This is where the Stop Smoking Hypnosis program can help you. Try it now!

Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis