Self Hypnosis MP3 and CD

Hypnotherapy has become a clinically proven method to create your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Effective hypnosis is a wonderful vehicle to overcome fears, to quit smoking, to lose weight. Anything you can dream of you can accomplish through the simple, subconcious, postive affirmation that is hypnosis at it's core. At Discover Self Hypnosis, we believe in the hypnosis mantra:

If you can imagine it, you can do it...

If you are struggling to find your FOCUS in life and to stick with your goals and to get back on or stay on your program, you'll want to check out these life-changing, positive hypnosis cds. These Hypnosis MP3 and CD sessions are developed with your goals in mind.

Each CD and MP3 Is a complete And comprehensive professional Hypnosis Session. Each session has a running time Of 45-55 minutes In length created by Certified Hypnotherapists.


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Self Improvement with hypnosis

 A series of Self-Hypnosis CD's to help you achieve your goals in the comfort of your own home. These CD's will teach you self hypnosis

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Lose weight with hypnosis

 Learn the power of self-hypnosis for weight loss! Obtain and maintain the trim and toned body you’ve always wanted through guided relaxation and hypnotic suggestion. How does it work?

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Quit smoking with hypnosis

 Have you tried to quit smoking on your own? Are you quickly pushed back into smoking by stress, nagging thoughts, or overwhelming cravings? What is happening is that your own subconscious mind is fighting your conscious efforts because it believes that smoking is good for you. After all, wasn't it really great to do when you started?

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